About the NOC

La Maison Du Sport

History (en Francais)

The Caledonian's sport constituted in leagues and Committees which some of them were created several years ago (the first club on the territory, the "Veloce Club Caledonien" or VCC dating from 1882), is slowly federated, first of all in Union of Sports Federations (in the forties), then in Territorial Committees of Sports (1982) to become, in 1984 the CTOS which Claude Fournier maintained the presidency more than 10 years.

The CTOS is affiliated to the National French Olympic and Sporting Committee (CNOSF) which the excellent relations has allowed New Caledonia to show the seriousness, the competencies and the know-how of the Caledonian sporting Movement, which ended up by the decision of the CNOSF to give New Caledonia the hosting of several French Teams for their Olympic preparations prior to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Nowadays, the successor of Mr. Erica Gay, president from 1996 to 2003, Mr. Daniel Cornaille was elected in 2003 to be the new president of the CTOS.

Role (en Francais)

Constituted in Association (law of 1901), the CTOS has for role:
  • To contribute to the defense and the development of
    the sporting legacy in New Caledonia.
  • To represent the sporting Movement in front of the
    Government and officials organisms of New Caledonia, France and in
    front of the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • To protect and develop the Olympic spirit
  • To favors the formation of Caledonian's manager and sporting directors
  • To maintain regular relations with the CNOSF, the South Pacific Council and other Sporting Regional Organisms
  • To organize the travel arrangements of the New Caledonian's delegation to the Games and Mini Games of the South Pacific
  • In a general way, to do whatever is necessary for the development of the idea, the practice of sports in New Caledonia with all the values associated with it

Internal Organization (en Francais)

The CTOS is constituted of a Director Committee composed of 15 members elected from the Sporting Movement of the 43 leagues or Committees affiliated to the CTOS.
7 of these 15 members are nominated to be in the Executive Board of the CTOS which is set up for 4 years.

The CTOS also include an administrative service composed of 7 persons in charge of the secretary works and the creation of different projects and actions which the CTOS is the manager.

But also, a person in charge of the Center of Resources and Information for Volunteers of New Caledonia.