World Rugby should re-look at the laws of the 7s rugby – Campese

David Campese

The 7s experts have come out strongly suggesting that World Rugby should re-look at the laws of the 7s rugby.


From the magnificent 7 named in Hong Kong, former Wallabies and All Blacks players believe there should be a change in the laws of how 7s rugby is played.


His known as the father of goose step.


The 52 year old David Campese is been in rugby for more than 2 decade.


And during their magnificent 7s meet in Hong Kong – Campese has left a advice to the World Rugby…


The former Wallabies player hopes World Rugby could bring in some changes to the 7s rugby laws – to make it more interesting and an action packed sport.


There is more section of laws that the experts have asked for a change.


Even former All Blacks 7s and 15’s player Eric Rush has also raised concerns regarding the 7s rugby.


They believe the governing body should react as soon as possible – so that the changes could be put in place as early as the next leg.


Hope these concerns will be heard – and we can see 7s rugby as a more fast and interesting sport in coming years



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