BCO Executive Committee elect new President

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It is with great pleasure the BCO Executive Committee announce the appointment of Mr. Ron Finlay (Australia) to the position of President - Baseball Confederation of Oceania

With the resignation of the former BCO President last month, the BCO Executive Committee recently conducted an election as per the BCO Constitution. Two candidates were nominated and according to the BCO Constitution a two thirds majority vote from the Executive Committee was required to confirm a new President.

Mr. Finlay brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position as a former President of the Australian Baseball Federation and more recently a Board member with the responsibility of International relations.

Ron is looking forward to challenges ahead and is looking forward to moving forward with programs and initiatives to further enhance the development of baseball in the Oceania region.

Mr. Finlay will be supported by Mr. Bob Steffy (Guam) as the 1st Vice President, Mr. Laurent Cassier (New Caledonia) 2nd Vice President, Chet Gray (Australia) as the Secretary General, Ray Brown the BCO Development officer  and the Executive Members: Mr. David Ballinger (New Zealand), Mr. Ronald Seeto (Fiji), Mr. Thompson TUREKE (Solomon Islands )