Women and Sport seminar in Cook Islands

Saturday, September 04, 2010

A young women from Aitutaki hopes to develop a sports project for girls aged 13 - 17 years to keep them in school and reduce the prevalence of teen-pregnancy on her island. Maria Tare is taking part in this weeks Women and Sports National Management and Leadership Seminar at the Sinai Hall along with other women keen to start sports-based projects in their communities. Tare believes communities in Aitutaki are becoming far too accepting of underage girls leaving home to live with teen boyfriends, some going on to fall pregnant and leave school. She wants to help more female youth stay in school and look towards a better future by starting a project to target them.  Tare had the help of Nukutere College students and others at the seminar to form some ideas about the possible project.

Yesterday the second day of the seminar dug deeper into serveral proposed projects including a beautification project for Mangaia leading up to next years Manea Games.

Oceania Women and Sports Chairperson Helen Brownlee has been taking the group through the steps of creating successful projects using local and regional examples. Helen Brownlee is also the President of Oceania Canoeing Federation and yesterday had the chance to meet with the Cook Islands Canoeing Association at Muri during their training session yesterday afternoon. Helen departs our shore on Friday 3 September 2010.

Courtesy Cook Islands NOC

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