Second Pacific Islands Sports Ministers Meeting Communiqué

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ministers and advisors of 17 out of the 22 Pacific Island countries, (11 represented by Ministers, 6 by Senior Government Officials or Pacific Games Association Members), met in Noumea on 28 August 2011 under the theme “Governments and Sport – Working Together for the Pacific Islands People”.  

Presentations were made by: Madame Chantal JOUANNO, Minister of Sport (Government of France), Dr. Jimmie RODGERS, Director-General of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Mr. Feleti P. TEO, Deputy Secretary-General (Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat), Ms Natasha Cole, Assistant Secretary, Office for Sport (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet) and Mr Tony McGee (Adviser, Development-Through-Sport, AusAID), Mr Jerome POIVEY, Head of Institutional Relations and Governance, NOC Relations Department, International Olympic Committee, Ms. Natanya POTOI-ULIA, Administrator, Oceania Regional Anti-Doping, Oceania Regional Anti-Doping Organisation, UNESCO, The Hon. Sali SUBAM, Minister for Sport, Papua New Guinea, The Hon. Morkin Steven IATIKA, Minister for Sport, Vanuatu, The Hon. Filipe BOLE, Minister for Sport, Fiji, The Hon.  Jean-Claude BRIAULT, Minister for Sport, New Caledonia. As a result of these presentations, Ministers and Sports Administrators reached the following conclusions:1. Ministers re-dedicated themselves and their governments to promote Pacific Values in Sport – commitment, discipline, integrity, fair play, respect of cultural and ethnic differences, gender equality, fair play, and to fight against doping.2. Ministers agreed to lift the profile of sports in their home countries - to provide funding and resources to encourage the youth of the Pacific into sports participation and ultimately into the Pacific Games so that they may be exposed to these Pacific Values in Sport.3. Ministers agreed to use Sport and the promotion of physical activity as a positive vehicle, particularly amongst the Youth, to combat obesity, diabetes, crime, HIV/AIDS and other social problems prevalent in Pacific communities today.4. Ministers agreed to utilize the elevation of sport within the Pacific Islands Leaders Forum to develop the best methods for sports development. 5. Ministers agreed to convey the outcomes of the Sports Ministers’ Meeting to their respective Heads of Government to ensure that these outcomes can be included on the future agenda of the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ meetings. 6. Ministers agreed to respect the autonomy and independence of sport, including national sporting organizations.7. Ministers agreed to continue to expand their support for the development of athletes in Pacific Games teams.8. Ministers agreed to examine possible legislation to combat match fixing in sport.9. Ministers agreed to recognizing the importance of communication and our shared history through sport.10. The meeting acknowledges the role of the SPC in creating the Pacific Games and the continuing work to assist pacific island communities.11. The meeting agreed to support the objectives and ambitions of regional cooperation and sustainable economic development through sport as recognized in the Pacific Plan.12The meeting agreed to encourage the Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting to consider the role of sport in tackling the millennium development goals as well as in combating non-communicable diseases and youth unemployment. It was further agreed to forward this communiqué to Forum leaders through the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.13. Ministers endorsed the Pacific Health Ministers call for Pacific Islands Forum Leaders to prioritize non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as a health and development issue and to lead an urgent response though the use of sport.14. Furthermore, Ministers confirmed their willingness to work with Ministers of Health and Health Departments to help strengthen national NCD action plans and accelerate their delivery through the use of sports.15.The meeting commends the role of the Australian government is developing sport in the Pacific through its pacific sports partnerships and the $32 million ASOP grants program over five years.16.The meeting applauds Australia’s support for Oceania RADO and the announcement of 60,000 US dollars to maintain the integrity of sport free from anti-doping.17. The meeting commends the leadership role undertaken by the IOC in the fight against doping in promoting good governance and in preserving the independence and autonomy of sport.18. The meeting congratulates the IOC for its Solidarity programs delivered through Lausanne and through ONOC to assist the development of Pacific Island athletes.19. Ministers agreed to encourage all Pacific nations to ratify the UNESCO Anti-Doping Convention and adopt programs from available UNESCO funds.20.The Meeting congratulates the work of Oceania RADO for its in-competition and out-of-competition testing programs undertaken at 2011 Pacific Games in conjunction with the Government of New Caledonia and France.21. The Meeting applauded the role the New Caledonia Government is playing in the development of its sports programs and recognized that some of the initiatives undertaken by the New Caledonia Government may possibly be emulated by governments in other Pacific Island countries for the greater good of sport. Ministers also welcomed the offer from New Caledonia to support Oceania RADO and to assist other Pacific Island Countries through enhanced regional cooperation in sports,22. The meeting noted with approval the role the Governments of Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Fiji are doing to promote sports in their respective countries and encouraged Ministers from the other participating countries to follow the same example as these three Governments presented today. 23. Ministers agreed to re-convene on the eve of the 2013 Pacific Mini-Games in Wallis & Futuna.  24. The Meeting agreed that in future, more Pacific Islands Ministers should make presentations to the meeting, or circulate a report for discussion on recent activities of their respective Governments to promote sport in their countries.25. Ministers acknowledged with thanks and deep appreciation the role of the host country of New Caledonia and the NC2011 Organisation Committee for all of their work and preparation for the staging of the 14th Pacific Games.SOURCE: PACIFIC GAMES COUNCIL/PACNEWS