FIBA Oceania comes off the bench to add to the score in Clean Game campaign.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thursday, 17 February 2011 22:00

Article courtesy of FIBA Oceania -

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) office in Geneva recently announced its latest contribution to the campaign against doping and substance abuse in sport - FIBA's Clean Game campaign.

A number of prominent male and female international basketball stars who were centre stage in FIBA's recent World Championships have generously devoted their time, their thoughts and their commitment to express their thoughts on aspects of the Clean Game campaign in 10 short video clips.FIBA have provided for wide and easy access to these vidoe clips by posting them on our YouTube page and with a link from the Clean Game page on our FIBA website.The FIBA Oceania office, highly impressed with the quality of the FIBA resources, but mindful of the generally low level of computer ownership and access in the Pacific and also in many places, problems with download speeds and internet access costs, has now converted all of the clips to a DVD which has been released to all our member federations.  The DVD has been provided with free copy and distribution rights as well as some ideas on how the clips might be used.To further strengthen our relationship with our regional partners, FIBA Oceania has encouraged our Federations to make copies of the DVD available to their colleagues who are working alongside them in the fight against doping in sport.The Oceania Regional Antidoping Organisation (ORADO), based at the continental office of the IOC in Fiji has also been provided with a copy of the DVD in the hope that the high profile basketball players will assist ORADO deliver its message during its work at regional events.FIBA Oceania Secretary General Steve Smith said when releasing the resource:"I have been very impressed with the quality work done by our Antidoping Department in Geneva and by the commitment shown by many players from many countries at last years FIBA events, in trying to spread the Clean Game message.  I hope this additional effort by FIBA Oceania will 'add to the scoreline' of the good guys in the campaign in favour of a Clean Game."For more information about FIBA's Clean Game visit the following link.