Northern Mariana's re-elect its board

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

By Roselyn Monroyo, Reporter, Saipan Tribune

The NMASA board is composed of current president Michael White, tennis' Jeff Race, golf's Jess Wabol and Jordon Kosam, canoe's Gil Birnbrich, baseball's Rose Igitol and Tony Rogolifoi, basketball's Elias Rangamar, and football's Ed Salas. These are the same people who served in the 2010 board

When the election was called to order last week, NMASA members were asked to make nominations. A motion to nominate individuals who served in the 2010 board was made and seconded. NMASA members present at the meeting went on to vote unanimously for the nominees, giving them another one-year term in office.

The board is expected to meet this week to elect NMASA's officers for 2011.

After the election, the board will have a lot of work to do this season, as the CNMI prepares for the 2011 Pacific Games in New Caledonia.

The quadrennial meet will run from Aug. 27 to Sept. 10 and NMASA and its member federations are still struggling for funds for the New Caledonia trip.

As of last week's meeting, only golf has given installment for the cost of participation. Each delegate must pay $1,800, which can be paid for five months until April ($360 per month).

NMASA estimated the cost of the New Caledonia trip at $2,200 and it will shoulder $400 of the total cost. Each athlete's contribution could still go down if NMASA will get financial assistance from the government. NMASA had already requested for financial aid from the government several months ago, but has yet to get a respond.

Last year when the CNMI competed in the 7th Micronesian Games, Team Marianas received $60,000 from the government. The money from the government coffers was worth it, as Team Marianas collected 44 gold medals and finished second to Palau, surpassing its performance in the 6th Micronesian Games in 2006.