The Reporters' Academy delayed in Fiji

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

On March 25th, six high-school-aged reporters embarked on The Reporters’ Academy’s first international trip. The purpose of the Fiji tour was to attend the PINA, Pacific Media summit, capture content to complete Oceania Athlete Profiles for London 2012 and build relationships with media groups and reporters based in the Pacific Islands.


On Saturday, after a jam-packed week of reporting, interviewing, networking and attending cultural events, they were ready to return to Melbourne. But Mother Nature had other plans. Friday night’s downpour lead Fiji into its largest flood-crisis since 2009.  


With flooded roads and mixed messages on the status of both domestic and international flights, they decided to wait out the floods in Suva where it is safer.


By Monday, the flooding and torrential rain began to subside in some areas of Fiji. However, the country is now facing an even bigger issue – a tropical depression threatening to rage through Fiji.  

Warnings for the category one cyclone “Daphne,” are being pumped out across all forms of media in Fiji, dominating the headlines. Courtney Smyth from the Reporters’ Academy stated “We are optimistic we will be able to fly home within the next couple of days, however we are making the most of being grounded. We are putting the journalism skills we have developed into practice by making videos and writing reports to keep those at home updated.”


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Thomas King
Reporters’ Academy Crew Member