Oceania Vs North West Amateur Boxing Tournament

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oceania Vs North West Amateur Boxing Tournament


The Reporters’ Academy took a trip to the Kendal Judo Club to track the progress of the Oceania boxers whose stay they have been documenting as part of the North West London Olympic pre-games training camps. As a stepping stone towards the Olympic Qualifiers in March, the Kendal Dojo held an amateur boxing tournament, allowing the boxers from both Nauru and Kiribati to demonstrate their talent, and to compete against North West boxers.


The boxers have had a long but beneficial experience in the training camps. Joe Deireagea of Nauru explained, “We’ve been back in the UK now for three weeks, and I’m getting better every day. I can see where I am progressing and I’m feeling really good about the qualifiers in Canberra.” The Nauru boxers have been based in the North West since November, but they temporarily returned home late last year. However, for the Kiribati boxers, it has been five months since they have been home.

The Pacific boxers were already familiar with one another, but for the selected Nauru boxers, Colin Caleb (21) and Joe (23), as well as Kiribati’s Andrew Kometq (23), the tournament was their first time competing together in England. Tim, the Nauru coach, said, “They invited us to their country to play against each other, so since then we have known each other. Tonight’s like we’re part of a family as we’re all from the islands and boxing together. I want my boys to show those skills tonight that they have learnt from Ian Irwin (the Ex GB National Olympic Coach) and also to win!”


For the Kiribati boxer, Andrew, it was important for him to compete as he explained, “We continue to work hard for 2012 qualification. But it’s great to work with our friends”. The tournament is good practice for the boxers to show how they have progressed from the training camps. Colin Caleb explained, “An event like tonight will be important to me to get more experience ahead of the Oceania Championships”. 

The night commenced with the junior boxers, the bouts then increased in age and experience as the night progressed. The competitive buzz which reverberated throughout the arena. The Pacific boxers were last up; they emerged for their fights after an intense warm-up and took it in turn to face a boxer from the North West. Every fight was tense, but each boxer emerged from their bout victorious, making the chances for their 2012 qualification ever more hopeful. 

Over the course of the month, the boxers will be returning back home to their islands in the Pacific with the knowledge, experience and skill which has been made accessible by the North West and their assistance in hosting the tournament and, of course, the training camps. They too will be creating their own unique legacies for the Pacific islands of Kiribati and Nauru.


A film from the event is currently in production and will be released within the next week.

To view films featuring the Kiribati and Nauru boxers training in the North West of England visit www.TheReportersAcademy.com/node/314


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