Kiribati boxers in training for London

Friday, January 06, 2012

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Tarieta and Andrew are boxers from Kiribati, an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They dream of qualifying for the London 2012 Olympics later this year, they travelled 9000 miles to England in order to gain more competitive experience to aid their qualifiers and raise their chances of competing at London later this year.

This film highlights how important boxing is to the people of Kiribati and how Andrew and Tarieta hope their experience will benefit them.

Tarieta is 33 and comes from Fiji, but now has Kiribati residency. He has become well respected on Kiribati for turning around the lives of troublesome young men through boxing. The police admire how his boxing engagement methods have reduced crime, due to Tarieta teaching the boys discipline and respect.

Andrew is 23, middle weight, started boxing because he was getting bullied, now he is chasing a Gold at the Oceania Qualifiers in Australia in March 2012 in order to qualify for London 2012. They have travelled 9000 miles to Crewe, North West England to gain more competitive experience ahead of the qualifiers.

This video was produced by The Reporters' Academy, a media production company run by young people, tasked with the mission of telling the stories of all the North West's pre London 2012 Training Camps.

The Reporters' Academy is integrated into the world of media, education and employment, based in two great sporting cities, Manchester and Melbourne and is officially Inspired by London 2012.