Opportunity for Commonwealth Countries

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

17 March 2015| by Bradley Castelli

Retrieved from Sportanddev.org

Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) and Brock University are excited and proud to announce the new SportWORKS initiative: The Queen Elizabeth Scholars Initiative (QESI). Application deadline: 17 April

Since 2001, the SportWORKS Programme has sent over 200 Canadian sport leaders to 26 Commonwealth countries for one-week to one-year placements, working with sport organisations to make a difference and become different!

To date, SportWORKS initiatives have enriched the lives of over two million people across the Commonwealth.

The QESI is a joint initiative between CGC and Brock University. QESI SportWORKS officers are senior students enrolled in Brock University’s sport management, Canada’s premier sport management programme.

QESI SportWORKS officers assist sport organisations in Commonwealth countries delivering sport and sport-for-development projects.

For a sport, or sport-for-development project to be eligible, the following criteria must be met:

  • The project is delivered in a Commonwealth country
  • The project is currently being delivered and will continue for the next one to three years
  • The project can accommodate a different QESI SportWORKS officer every four months
  • The project is in the following area(s): sport programming (grassroots to national team), sport technical (i.e. coaching, athlete development) and sport-for-development
  • Your organisation has ties to sport and/or sport-for-development organisations that would benefit from a QESI SportWORKS officer

CGC would appreciate if this opportunity could be distributed to those organisations that may be interested in submitting an application.

We ask that hosts complete all areas of the attached application form and return to CGC by 17 April
2015. More details can be found in the application itself.