Games Are on Track

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fri 20 Feb 2015

 PORT MORESBY, 20 FEBRUARY 2015 (THE  NATIONAL) --- Pacific Games Organising Committee (GOC) chief executive officer Peter Stewart says his office is open to the media and has nothing to hide regarding preparations for the July 4-18 event.
 Stewart said he had no problem with the media asking questions on the state of preparedness based on what they observed around Port Moresby but they needed to realise that the construction of the venues was only one aspect of the whole Games programme and the information filtering through the media was “very inaccurate”.
 He said the construction of venues represented only one part of his overall plan. Stewart, who has had experience at Commonwealth Games (Melbourne 2006) level and other major world events, said despite the negative publicity the GOC had met their targets and milestones over the course of the last three years and was making substantial progress.
 “You have to remember that the construction of the venues is the state’s responsibility and that comes under the Venues Infrastructure and Equipment Committee who are working hard to complete their projects,” Stewart said.
 “All that we need will be ready, without a doubt.
 “All the elements that we need to deliver the Games will be ready on time.”
 He said unfortunately some areas at venues would not be completed but this would not hinder the running of the Games.
 Stewart made the point that the planning and implementation of the Games was a flexible process and changes and adjustments were expected.
 He admitted that the Rita Flynn Netball Complex would not be ready in time for the Games but said competition had been moved to the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex which will not affect the sport.
On the question of the way contracts were being awarded he clarified that all money, whether government or private, used was acquitted regularly. 
“There have been very inaccurate things brought up as questions. The issue with Pindu (Transport), we’ve (with the media) discussed that and that contract goes through a normal process that would happen in any organisation and the ultimate decision on those sort of things are with our board. And they make the final decision and it’s not one person that does it but it’s a team of people and it follows a process as does every single thing we spend money on,” Stewart said yesterday.
 He said contrary to media reports the tendering and awarding of contracts for the Games was carried out by both the state through the Central Supply and Tenders Board and Special Supply and Tenders Board – both handling government money – and the GOC board – which has their own funding derived from private sector sponsorship. … PACNEWS